SatNOGS is a modular and scalable stack for Satellite Ground Station implementation. Fully based on open source technologies and open standards, it provides interoperability with existing or future subsystems.

The Options

You can choose the configuration that suits you best and be part of the SatNOGS project

  • Network
    • SatNOGS Network
    • No network connectivity
  • Client
    • SatNOGS Client (for connection to SatNOGS Network)
    • Tethered operation using gPredict and Gqrx
  • Control PC
    • RaspberryPi
    • UdroidU3
    • Beaglebone Black
    • A regular PC
  • Rotator
    • SatNOGS rotator
    • Commercial Rototar (like YAESU G-5500)
  • Antennas
    • UHF (yagi or helical)
    • VHF (yagi or helical)

The Default Stack

The stack can be visualized as follows:

stack_gpredict stack


Head over to our wiki for more documentation on how to get started!