Getting started with SatNOGS – Raspberry Pi 3 images available

SatNOGS-Client development team member Vasillis, using PiGen and Gitlab CI, created a SatNOGS Client Raspbian image to use with your Raspberry Pi 3 for your SatNOGS ground-station. To install and setup the image you can follow the Raspbian sector in the Raspberry Pi 3 SatNOGS wiki page. Following the instructions will get you to the… Continue Reading

SatNOGS News – January 2017

SatNOGS community has been busy over the last couple of months, with many exciting updates on projects to share with you!   Rotator v3.1 First and foremost, the 3.1 version of the SatNOGS rotator is soon to be finalized. If you are already working with a v3 keep in mind that upgrading to 3.1 is… Continue Reading

SatNOGS for satellite command and control

Although quite some time has passed since our last update the SatNOGS team and the community was busy working on it’s software and hardware components allowing modular setups. A large amount of focus has being the SatNOGS client software. Allowing the user to not only use RTL-SDR based dongles but a far greater variety of… Continue Reading

SatNOGS DB, the open satellite transmitter database opens for contributions

Early on, while developing SatNOGS, the SatNOGS team encountered the lack of a central and editable database for active satellite transmitters. Such information would be vital not only for SatNOGS operations but also for amateur radio operators interested in satellite telecommunications. Over the past many years, lots of radio amateurs undertook the challenge by creating… Continue Reading

SatNOGS rotator tracking a high altitude balloon

Since the conception of the SatNOGS one of our design mantras was modularity, not only we believe that the SatNOGS stack should be able use a wide variety of components but also that components should be able to used in a wide variety of applications. This Sunday May 1oth 2015 the SatNOGS team had the… Continue Reading

Signup to our newsletter

Moving forward we would like to consolidate our communications with the broader community, especially around news for SatNOGS project. For this reason we setup a newsletter to keep everyone interested updated for our latest developments. Feel free to signup here. Our regular channels, community forum, twitter account and facebook page are still around to connect… Continue Reading

SatNOGS in FOSDEM 2015 lightning talk video

As promised in a previous post about our project in FOSDEM 2o15, videos from presentations and talks during FOSDEM 2015 are now available and we are happy to share the video of our lightning talk. So, if you are interested for an introduction of the SatNOGS project don’t hesitate to check out the video from… Continue Reading

New lab equipment

Having access to an awesome 3D printer is certainly crucial for the SatNOGS project but the SatNOGS hardware is much more than 3D printed parts. To push the development of the ground station forward the core development team decided to acquire an oscilloscope, a programmable power supply and a Vector Network Analyzer Following our ideal… Continue Reading