SatNOGS Activity Update 2019-07-08

A Busy Few Weeks for New Satellites, Observations and Dashboards!

Between Rocketlab’s “make it rain”, Space X’s Falcon Heavy and the Soyuz launches over the last few weeks we have seen a lot of new satellites launched. Our community has been really busy scheduling observations, helping identify objects from early TLE and, of course, returning data and creating dashboards for them. Notably it has been fantastic that the community have been able to hear and create a dashboard for the Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 mission and it’s fabulous we have had mentions and praise from their channels.

As mentioned the community has been busy and numerous new dashboard are appearing including Lightsail 2 (above) and ACRUX-1 (below) and many more. Check out all our available dashboards here.

Finally to keep track of all this particular batch of launches and their status regarding SatNOGS observations/TLE/Dashboards and more check out the following two posts on the Libre Space Foundation Community forum.

LA1K SatNOGS Antenna Build


The amazing crew over at the Akademisk Radioklubb have been busy once again making more improvements to their SatNOGS station set up. Their latest blog has an update on their antenna builds. It’s great to see this thriving radio club’s activities and we are proud to have them on board!

Open Source Cubesat Workshop, Spread the word

We’ve talking a lot about OSCW on our social media channels this last week and its really exciting to see abstracts/submissions for talks start to arrive! We have (hopefully!) been reminding everyone why its an excellent idea (in our opinion) to come and join us at OSCW with some quotes from previous attendees like the one above from Daina Bouquin who is the  Head Librarian at Center for Astrophysics. Harvard & Smithsonian. If you are working on something space related using open source methodologies we would love to hear from you and you can send the OSCW team an abstract via this link.