New SatNOGS client software is available, featuring new features and fixes prior to QUBIK mission launch

SatNOGS station operators, please update your SatNOGS Client Setup!

A new SatNOGS Client update has been released as we get ready for Libre Space Foundation’s QUBIK mission and you must update your SatNOGS ground stations with the latest version of the SatNOGS client software. Detailed instructions on how to update your ground station are available on the SatNOGS Client Setup wiki page. If you encounter a bug, don’t hesitate to file an issue on GitLab.

Here is a list of the new features and fixes:

SatNOGS Client Ansible

  • 202109022142
    • Bump ‘satnogs-client’, ‘satnogs-flowgraphs’ and ‘gr-satnogs’ versions

SatNOGS Client

  • 1.6
    • Fix GFSK/BPSK flowgraph parameters
    • Add support for satnogs_qubik_telem flowgraph
    • Worker{|Freq|Track}: Refactor class and instance variables
    • gitlab-ci: Fix Security Scanning
    • Bump versions of dependencies
    • Handle exception when trying to get jobs (fixes #390)

SatNOGS Flowgraphs package

  • 1.4-1
    • Add flowgraph for the QUBIK 1 & 2
    • Example flowgraph: Remove obsolete variables

gr-satnogs package

    • Bump up version to v2.3.1.0
    • IEEE 802.15.4 variant decoder: Fix RS frame size and CRC
    • Bump up to v2.3.0.0
    • Add hint for Tumbleweed users
    • Add ITPP (IT++) dependency
    • IEEE 802.15.4-like decoder: Add support for RS(255,223)
    • debian: Remove implicit package dependency
    • BER Calculator: Fix CRC and perfromance issue
    • CRC: Fix CRC16-AUG and improve usability
    • Improve QA tests of the whitening class
    • Unified SPUTNIX protocol (USP) encoder
    • Add convolutional encoder and decoder
    • Implement packed_to_unpacked and unpacked_to_packed utilities.
    • Change of libfec based on the changes that exist in gr-ccsds
    • Reed-Muller RM(1, 6) code
    • Mode 6 Encoder for the AX100 modem of GomSpace.
    • Mode 5 Encoder for the AX100 modem of GomSpace.
    • gitlab-ci: Fix Security Scanning

Update instructions
Instructions on how to update can be found under wiki section Updating SatNOGS Client Software.