Rolling out a new SatNOGS Client update!

To all the SatNOGS operators, it is that time again! Time to update your stations!

In the past months, there have been many changes implemented in the SatNOGS client. Namely, using a separate function to read waterfall files, adding the missing BPSK mode, removing unused variables and refactoring the flowgraphs calling code. These are only some of the improvements and you can find the extensive list of changes here.

Today, however, we are thrilled to introduce the latest of the SatNOGS Client Ansible! This release includes the latest Client (1.3.4) and Flowgraphs (1.2.2). It also comes with a number of bugfixes on the SatNOGS Client Ansible itself. The SatNOGS Client Release 1.3.4 , uses ‘pathlib’ to rename and remove files (fixes #400). While the SatNOGS Flowgraphs Release 1.2.2, fixes OGG sampling rate mismatch on the generic FSK flowgraph.

For more information on how to update your station‘s Client Software, you can check out this page.


SatNOGS the global, open-source, network of satellite ground stations is a participatory project which has been evolving and expanding with the help and the support of a collaborative community. Thanks to the participation of radio amateurs, space enthusiasts, contributors and everyone included in the community, the network keeps growing.

Currently, there are 340+ operational ground stations worldwide, having delivered over 2 million observations sent from 400+ satellites and 900+ transmitters and over 76.000.000 data frames.

Satellite observers and enthusiasts can communicate with the satellites and make their observations. Then they can share the data and the results of these observations with the rest of the community. The data and results are distributed freely.

The open data approach we apply to the SatNOGS project adheres to our values and principles as they are explicitly stated in the Libre Space Manifesto. This is the inspiration behind our endeavours and it sums up our beliefs regarding development in the space age. You can have a look at it and sign it too. Especially, if you believe that space should be accessible to all humanity.

With the latest update, we aim at improving this network of free information and knowledge and making it more accurate for the observer. So, don’t hesitate, it is time to upgrade your station!

Do you want to be part of SatNOGS?

If you love space exploration and you find satellites fascinating you are more than welcome to join us! You can become part of the SatNOGS project and community! Get onboard this global network of space enthusiasts and observers. Have a look at all the information on how to Get Started and how to build your own ground station on the How-to Page.  You can even follow SatNOGS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and you can join our Community Forums too.

We would love to welcome you to the SatNOGS project!