Reaching a new Milestone: Celebrating the 2,000,000th SatNOGS Observation!

We are excited and thrilled to announce that the SatNOGS network has reached its 2.000.000th observation on the 9th of April!

Observation #2000000 got uploaded on the SatNOGS Network by station #6-Apomahon in Nea Filadelfia , Athens, Greece, operated by Dimitris Papadeas receiving data from SOKRAT satellite.

The 2.000.000th observation is a result of an amazing network of ground stations and it marks the continuous efforts of hundreds of ground station owners! The SatNOGS community boasts a booming number of 200+ fully operational ground stations and 100+ in testing mode. The observations come from 400+ satellites and 880+ transmitters and over 64.800.000 data frames.

Do you want to join the next millions of observations? Do you want to be part of this community? Check out the SatNOGS knowledge-base wiki, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the community forums and chat. We would love to have you onboard the SatNOGS network and community. Join us now