Celebrating a new milestone for SatNOGS DB as it reaches 200 million data frames!

We are excited to announce that we are celebrating yet another significant milestone for the SatNOGS project as the SatNOGS DB stored its 200 millionth data frame!!!

The milestone data frame

The 200 millionth frame was received on the 31st of October. It was a frame of satellite 47438 – UVSQ-SAT that was received by ground station 2760 – M0GKK-BB. And it was observation #8429588 for the SatNOGS Network.

We can only be thrilled with the enormity of this massive number, and we are also very grateful for these contributions. Congratulations to all for reaching such a fantastic milestone!


The SatNOGS DB is a component of the SatNOGS project, and it is a collaborative effort to create a holistic, unified, global database for all the artificial objects in space. A point of reference for all the satellites and spacecraft. Data frames are sent to the SatNOGS DB from stations belonging to the SatNOGS Network, as well as independent stations and telemetry forwarders. The SatNOGS DB receives frames from more than 1500 stations around the globe. Tracking over 1650 satellites and 3040+ transmitters in 50 different modes and ten bands. All these add up to the amazing 200 Million data frames received. Thus constituting the SatNOGS DB, the biggest, open-source and crowd-sourced database for openly distributed satellite data.

The Libre Space Manifesto

Like all the Libre Space Foundation projects, the SatNOGS DB also adheres to the principles of the Libre Space Manifesto. Supporting and promoting Openness (Open development and governance, open data, open-source, and free access to Space) with dedication to enhancing knowledge and scientific research.

The SatNOGS Community

SatNOGS is brought to life and expanding because of the unceasing collaboration, devotion, and ongoing contribution of its community. The latter is comprised of a vast network of space enthusiasts, radio amateurs, university teams, satellite operators and ground station owners. All the members and the open-source supporters who make up the SatNOGS Community add to the project’s success.

To all of you, we are whole-heartedly grateful!

Do you want to join SatNOGS and be part of the next Milestone?

If the SatNOGS project has sparked your interest, and you love space and open-source technologies, then there are many ways you can contribute. You can help with the SatNOGS DB by joining the SatNOGS Network, setting up a station or forwarding the frames to the SatNOGS DB through the SiDS protocol. You can also opt to create decoders to help us decode the load of data received and visualise them on the SatNOGS Dashboard. If you are fluent in Python and/or JS, you can contribute to the satnogs-db web application.

The SatNOGS Community is a global, diverse, inclusive, collaborative, open community that welcomes people from different backgrounds. People who wish to contribute by devoting their valuable time, ideas, knowledge and expertise to the SatNOGS project. If this appeals to you, you can start by checking the SatNOGS knowledge-base wiki. You are also welcome to join our community forums and drop us a line on the chat. Get in touch with us!

We are looking forward to having you onboard the SatNOGS project and community. Join us now so that you are part of our next Milestone!

Thank you!