9 Million Observations for the SatNOGS Network!

The SatNOGS Network has achieved yet another Milestone! It has reached its ninth millionth observation, and we are wholeheartedly grateful to the entire Community for this achievement! 

Nine million Observations

On the 7th of February 2024, observation #9000000 was uploaded on the SatNOGS Network by station 1861 – LW2DYB in Argentina. The observation was scheduled by Julio LW2DYB, receiving data from satellite Green Diamond. The ninth millionth observation is of good quality.

SatNOGS achieved another milestone!

Every SatNOGS achievement results from the collaborative work and the continuous efforts made by hundreds of ground station owners around the globe. They are the ones who have made this milestone (and everything related to SatNOGS) possible; by scheduling observations, tracking satellites, and, in general, dedicating time and effort to the success of the SatNOGS project. 

Everything accomplished so far is thanks to you all!

SatNOGS in Numbers

The SatNOGS network counts over

  • 450+ fully operational ground stations and 150+ in testing mode
  • The observations come from 1730+ satellites and 3180+ transmitters
  • Delivering over 218M data frames

As the numbers show, SatNOGS has significantly expanded and has become the biggest, global, open-source network of satellite ground stations. 

Outer Space Open For All (The Libre Space Manifesto)

All Libre Space Foundation’s projects are built to enhance scientific research and knowledge about Space and to enable everyone interested in exploring Space for peaceful purposes. These values are also at the core of the Libre Space Manifesto

Outer Space Open For All (the SatNOGS way)

Abiding by the Libre Space Manifesto values, SatNOGS is a project that not only is built and developed in a modular, open-source way, but the data collected is also distributed openly. The SatNOGS community offers support and guidance in onboarding new members and even helps satellite teams with their missions. Throughout its years of operation, SatNOGS has helped hundreds of satellite teams worldwide identify and track their satellite successfully. They assist missions worldwide in running their experiments and tests and successfully completing their missions. The community can help you communicate with your satellite as it schedules around 10,000 daily observations and guides you throughout the onboarding process. Guide you through the actions you need to take and help you with the dashboard of your mission, too. All you need to do is contact the SatNOGS team early on and provide the necessary details and information about your mission.

Want to join the SatNOGS community and be part of the next Milestone?

The SatNOGS community is open and inclusive, welcoming everyone who wishes to contribute their time, knowledge and expertise to the project. If SatNOGS has sparked your interest, and you want to learn more,

Join SatNOGS now and help make Outer Space Open for All!